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Diego Alvarado Orellana I'm a PhD student at Department of Computer Science of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain.... More >

Shah Yasser High School Student | Education & MOOC Enthusiast | Science and Math GEEK | TEDster @TEDxDhaka | Amateur Coder | Loving Family | Nature Lover | Wannabe Engineer... More >

Maha Bali I am doing a PhD in Education at the University of Sheffield, UK, and I also work in Egypt at the American University in Cairo (AUC) as a faculty developer (in the Center for Learning and Teaching) and as adjunct faculty teaching Educational Technology (in the Graduate School of Education). I have an MEd in eLearning from the University of Sheffield (a totally online degree), and a BSc in Computer Science from AUC. I took four MOOCs (completed three) in one summer while I was on maternity leave, and I think I'm addicted!... More >

Guest Blogger This post was written by a guest blogger. If you're interested in writing a review or other essay, check out our contributor guidelines.... More >

Charlie Chung My background is in software and management consulting, throughout which I've developed various internal and external training courses. My interests are in cognitive psychology, pedagogy, and lifelong learning. Currently, I'm Chief Course Curator at Class Central, a comprehensive MOOC directory provider, and an advisor to several edtech ventures.... More >

Robert Connolly I am Robert Connolly a transplant to Memphis, Tennessee, US, via Jackson, Mississippi, via Northeast Louisiana, via . . . where I live with my wife Emma and our rescue dogs Abbie (Irish Setter), Buddy (Big Old Dog), and Grace (Golden Retriever). We have four (step) children and eleven grandchildren and an assortment of pets spread between Jackson Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana. I am an educator/museum director/anthropologist/community activist and advocate, a combination that I enjoy immensely. Specifically, I am the Director of the C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. and teach in the Anthropology Department at the University of Memphis, and am on the Advisory Board for the the Graduate Certificate Program in Museum Studies. My areas of work/interest include cultural heritage as a tool for empowerment, community service learning, applied anthropology, and expanding the educational box to more fully incorporate informal education and lifelong... More >

John Duhring John Duhring has been s a founding team member at nine startups, including Supermac Software and Bitmenu. During his career he has also applied technology to learning at large companies such as Prentice-Hall, Apple and AOL. Follow him on Twitter @duhring.... More >

Liz Falconer I am an educator and lifelong learner, currently in a love-hate relationship with the internet and much of the virtual world around me. My background includes work in storytelling, music performance and composition, newspaper and magazine writing, and exotic things like studying Japanese and living in Japan. I earned an MA Japanese Pedagogy and a doctorate in International Education at the University of Iowa. I have taught in a wide variety of classroom environments, both online and traditional. I am currently RTCs Curriculum and Technology Specialist. I am fascinated with the challenges and opportunities our internet world is providing.... More >

Jonathan Haber Jonathan Haber is a Boston-based writer and educational specialist whose Degree of Freedom project is experimenting with whether it's possible to learn everything you would get from a four year liberal arts degree in just twelve months using only free educational resources. You can follow his progress at More >

Adam Heidebrink Hello! I am interested in and dedicated to research, education, and production/publication within the field of Digital Humanities. This includes Education technologies, hybrid pedagogies, and postmodern theory and literature. Furthermore, I am interested in these subjects historically, with a particular attention paid to the English Enlightenment and concurrent print culture established throughout Europe. I have taken several MOOC courses and closely follow the development of this and myriad other educational technologies as they continue to emerge, advance, and transform.... More >

Ruchira Kitsiri Graduated in medicine, I moved out from clinical practice to explore alternative career options. Having worked in research projects across diverse sectors including market, social, education and mental health and a brief teaching stint in psychology, I now work as a research assistant in Cardiology. But my interest is in learning genetics and neuroscience of human behavior and its problems from an evolutionary perspective for which MOOCs have been very helpful.... More >

Juliana Marques Master's student in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam. My goal is to be in touch with ultimate changes in the way we communicate, interact with each other and learn. I enjoy traveling, reading, concerts, movies and sharing bright ideas.... More >

Robert McEachern I teach writing at a regional public university, where I conduct research on business and technical writing, most recently on the ways social media change the writing process for workplace writers.My own online writing includes a blog devoted to up-to-date information on blood cancers. As a teacher, I am very interested in the ways MOOCs and other digital information sources will affect the classroom, especially the writing classroom, and how they will change the way we deliver information to students.... More >

Robert McGuire My content marketing services firm provides all-in-one external staff solutions for companies looking to grow their business through thought leadership. I started MOOC News & Reviews in 2013 out of a fascination with the economic, demographic and technological forces impacting edtech, online education and higher education, and I wanted to provide a forum for serious discussion of this new phenomenon. I love building communities of writers engaging in lively critical dialogue about emerging issues.... More >

Sylvia Moessinger I am a vocational teacher for healthcare with a great interest in Education 2.0, i.e. innovative and pedagogically sound application from Web 2.0 technology in teaching and learning. I achieved my Bachelor's in Health (Hons) 2009 and Master's in Online and Distance Education (MAODE) 2011 at the Open University. With my additional studying I wanted to improve my professional knowledge, adjust to the ongoing developments in technology-enhanced learning. After my study I started a part-time job as research assistant at the VCRP to apply my knowledge and learn more about the pedagocial and technical aspects of elearning. I am also a great fan of cMOOCs and particpated in the #OPCO12, MobiMOOC and the #COER13.... More >

Debbie Morrison Debbie Morrison is an instructional designer and educator with over ten years of experience in creating meaningful, rich learning outcomes in higher education, K-12 and business settings. She collaborates with organizations to develop effective online programs, and is the learning mentor for the online department at four-year university, and most recently the Lead Curriculum Developer, Online Programs. She writes and blogs about online education and MOOC learning experiences. Debbie holds a Master's Degree in Education and Human Development, with a focus on educational technology.... More >

Khadija Niazi I am 12-year-old 8th grade student. My passion is reading science related books and novels. Love MOOCs. I've done Introduction to Astronomy, Astrobiology, How Things Work, Pre-calculus with distinction. I just completed Undertstanding Einstein: The Special Theory of Relativity. Before these courses I was a "Udacity" student and I completed Physics (PH100), Introduction to Statistics and Computer Science (CS101) with distinction.... More >

Muhammad Shaheer Niazi I am 12 years old and from Pakistan. I have just been promoted to 8th grade. I love reading books and playing games on Xbox360. My hobbies are rock climbing and football. I love to collect coins. I have done many MOOCs from Astrobiology to Pre-Calculus, and I have completed Physics (PH100), Introduction to Statistics and Computer Science (CS101) on Udacity with distinction. I love to work hard and take my studies seriously.... More >

Robert Power Rob is currently a Doctoral Student in theDoctor of Education in Distance Educationprogram atAthabasca University. He is also a member of theInternational Association for Mobile Learning(IAmLearn), and is currently working as the Project Manager for the12th World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning(mLearn 2013). His research interests include mobile learning and distance education applications of information technology. You can see his e-portfolio here.... More >

Dianna Sadlouskos I am a higher education consultant with twenty years experience in the higher education industry. I work with universities and community colleges on campus-wide strategic planning and operation improvement initiatives. My guiding principle for each engagement is to help people and organizations work smarter and more efficiently. I'm interested in how innovative teaching and learning technologies like MOOCs will transform the overall student engagement and experience with institutions.... More >

Elena Sanchez User Experience specialist - I currently work as Lead UX Designer at Torsh Inc. (Todays One Room School House) a video and learning analytics platform. Besides, I am also Usability and Information Architecture Adjunct Lecturer at Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and one of the team members of the research project "UX and engagement in MOOCs" at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC).... More >