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ICYMI Week: Celebrating our First One Hundred MOOC Articles

MOOC News and Reviews has been live for about four months, and last week we published our 100th article from our 25th different contributor.

That feels like a good time for a break. So this week we’ll hit pause on new material, and I invite you to peruse some of the articles you might not have noticed if you have discovered our site more recently. Think of it as In Case You Missed It Week.

Of course, you can always find older articles that interest you on your own, particularly if you navigate from the “Categories” menu in the sidebar. But I have some articles in mind that I think are worth a second look from the early days of the site.

I’ve chosen one for each day of the week, and if you follow us on social media, you’ll see these circulated on on our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus pages during the week.


Telling Tales Out of School: Do Privacy Expectations Differ In Online Classrooms?


How to Get the Most Out of A MOOC


The Return of the Autodidact


Not All Online Students Are the Same: A Summary of Stanford’s MOOC User Study


Apples and Oranges: Does Comparing MOOCs to College Blind Us to Their Real Value?


A Short History of MOOCs and Distance Learning


How Can MOOC Platforms Be More Dynamic?: A Comparison of Major MOOC Providers


Wow, that was tougher choosing just seven than I expected, and I only looked through articles from the first month. Maybe I should take two weeks off.



Robert McGuire (52 Posts)

My content marketing services firm provides all-in-one external staff solutions for companies looking to grow their business through thought leadership. I started MOOC News & Reviews in 2013 out of a fascination with the economic, demographic and technological forces impacting edtech, online education and higher education, and I wanted to provide a forum for serious discussion of this new phenomenon. I love building communities of writers engaging in lively critical dialogue about emerging issues.